Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seed The Day!

"Seed the day" is my  mantra as I awaken each morning, exhausted,yet extremely excited for the first sign of inspiration which will  guide me for the rest of my day.  A daily cup (or three) of my red Rose or English Breakfast tea, highly sweetened and with a bit of milk, prepare my youngest child's breakfast and pack her lunch, sending her off to school and then read the newspaper in a sun-fillled home surrounded by exhilirating silence.

Why is the silence a source of euphoria for me, you may wonder as you read this.  Why would the realization that my youngest is 16, driving herself to her daily schedule of school and sports, not expecting any more of my mommy-ing until later in the evening so appelaing to me?  Why don't I feel lost, abandoned, useless or depressed?  After all, I am nearing my 52nd birthday, will become a first time grandmother to my eldest daughter's child in December, live 1,800 miles away from both her and my son, both who live in Montreal, Canada while I sit here completing my daily Jumble puzzle, in Almost always sunny, South Florida. Hey, I think I'm on to something here, I wonder if It's  all about the Jumble?

Similar to the Jumbles, I have all of these choices, opportunities and "seeds" at my disposal now and rather than feel confused and frustrated by these options, I simply make it my priority to sit in silence and unscramble this myriad of  scattered thoughts....taking tiny steps with tiny seeds in hand, in the direction of solving and resolving my life's newest collage.

Today, you find me in the process of "seeding" my days, enjoying the view, reviewing my assumptions and years of  societal and familial indoctrination as to who I am supposed to be. And in a not so organized or scheduled preparation of planting my own seeds, (ones which I alone have bred and nurtured, for 51 years), I am storing them safely away within, for the incredible and planting days ahead of me.
In the coming days and months I will share my story as I embark on a new journey, preparing my mind and spirit , making space for fertile thoughts, exploring my creative self,  and enthusiastically learning Everything I can about Anything that peaks my curiosity.

I hope you will join me and spend some silent time of your own, even if only momentarily, once or twice a day to explore who it is you want to be  and what you will be doing when you find yourself there in the days and years to come, regardless of any negativity which may enter your thoughts or daily stresses which may interfere with the loving thoughts or smiles you bring to your minds eye during your seeding moments.


  1. Truly inspirational and beautiful....a lesson for everyone to learn from and embrace

  2. I like this phrase and idea of "seeding the day". I think I may adopt that "Stealing like an artist"? I hope you don't mind. Such lovely thoughts. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shelly, I would be happy for you to share my philosophy and grateful for you to include a
      reference to me and my blog.