Monday, June 25, 2012

Seed The Day

Seed The Day

Seed The Day. Grow the seeds which lay within. We have seeded our children, they have blossomed and thrived.
Today, seed our own souls,feed our hearts desires, grow our passions, express our deepest selves in any and all possible ways.
Sit quietly,be patient,be aware of any and all sounds, sights, feelings , thoughts and memories and be witness to the core needs you yearn for right now. Who are you? who were you? who would you like to be? Where do you want to go? What will you be doing when you find your way? What will it look like? How will you feel? When will you take the first step to becoming?

Seed The Day...Seed it today...... 


You-nique You

Using a wide range of variation might feel messy, chaotic or “too much” in these first layers, but trust that you are simply giving yourself options. You can always simplify your painting at any given moment, but for now let run wild with the infinite amount of ways to play with paint. For now— MORE IS MORE. Flora Bowley

For those of you who are feeling anxious or" NO GOOD AT THIS ART THING", remember that in this moment you are free to paint without expectation, judgement or self critisism....This is simply the time to play with your paint,move to the groove of your music as wonderful outcomes await.
This is an amzing opportunity for both painters and those new to painting to discover more about themselves...painting like this is especially difficult for those who have been painting in the past and who have no expreience in LETTING GO of those ingrained habits and need to PLAN....this is a gift, so re-open it with a renewed energy,spirit and the desire to enjoy the MESS,chaos,and mystery of the UNIQUE painting waiting for you at the end of this session....Don't compare yourselves to anyone or will miss the opportunity to create what can only be yours and yours alone. The more original the better!